ICO date: 01.04.2018 - 31.07.2018

Zeex is a platform that serves as an intermediary between major brands and your cryptocurrency portfolio, allowing users to pay for products in crypto with no transaction fees.

How it works:

Zeex makes it possible for cryptocurrency to become a payment method for regular goods and services. The idea behind that is simple and ingenious at the same time. Zeex makes cryptocurrency seamlessly convertible into gift cards and vouchers. This brings crypto in real economy fast. Instead of attracting big brands to list their products on a marketplace, Zeex allows transferring cryptocurrency into an asset that can be used to make purchases on the company’s site.

This way users don’t lose any money converting to fiat, keeping their shopping absolutely anonymous. After purchasing gift cards through a very simple process in the app, users can exchange them for goods and services of their chosen company. Zeex has vast connections in e-commerce industry, their sister company Zeek has built relationships with more than 350 top brands including Amazon, Adidas and Nike, so the choice of stores to buy vouchers from is going to be huge.

ZIX token holders will have a number of privileges on the platform. They will have first places in a queue to buy the high-demand vouchers and have the right to vote for expansion of gift card collection, voting for new brands and regional markets. It also functions as a damage deposit to make transactions safe, and as a login method. Using ZIX tokens to log in means the platform doesn’t need other, less secure methods, like your phone number or e-mail address.


The idea behind the project is very simple and very innovative. Converting cryptocurrency into vouchers and gift cards is an effective loophole that brings cryptocurrency into e-commerce seamlessly.

Innovation score: High

Token value:

ZIX token is a utility token of the platform. It can be used to pay for the vouchers, among many other cryptocurrencies. However, since it offers benefits like voting for company expansion, getting the best vouchers and functions as a means for authentication on the platform, it is expected to be in demand.

As demand for ZIX goes up with growing number of Zeex customers, so does its price, allowing ICO participants cash in on their investment.

Token value score: Medium

White paper:

The white paper presents problems that exist on the platform and solutions that Zeex offers. It also comments on the company’s competitive advantage and explains technical details and Zeex protocol that allows the functioning of the platform. Token economy and cases for using the platform are also presented in the white paper.

It doesn’t show a business plan, but it is sufficiently described in the medium article.

White paper score: High


Zeex has had an internal release of the blockchain based platform in February 2018, and launched alpha in March 2018. Release of the closed beta is scheduled on April 2018. The web app will be live in May 2018, featuring over a hundred brands. By the end of the year, the team will release and improve Android and iOS apps and expand the amount of brands to 300.

In 2019 the company will introduce a self-service portal for brands, develop API connectors and expand into new markets. In 2020 businesses will be able to generate ZIX blockchain backed vouchers.

Roadmap score: High

Business model:

Zeex doesn’t really have a business model, they don’t need one. This project is for building a protocol that would go beyond its creators, not creating a centralized company. Therefore the team is interested in ZIX’s rise in price, as 20% of all tokens are reserved for them.

Zeex’s sister company, Zeek will provide connections and customers at the early stages. Zeek has sold over a million gift cards in 2017. It has connections with retail giants like Amazon, Adidas and Nike. Zeex plans to go further and cultivate new relationships with brands on their own behalf.

Business model score: High


The team’s CEO  has held a position as CPO and Head of Strategic Partnerships at a popular driver safety company, and has been VP of Product and Solutions Design at Ginger Software. CTO worked on ECI Telecom, Check Point, Cellglide and Imagine Communications. Both were involved in creation of Zeek.me and Ginger Software. CMO has 15 years of experience in online-marketing. Chief Architect has spent last 16 years working in his field of expertise. The team has an additional point for being together for a long time, since most of them are involved in running Zeek.me.

The advisory board features a venture entrepreneur with 20 years of experience, a blockchain expert, one of the top technology investors in Israel, a man with experience of managing banking and investment firms and a Silicon Valley expert in growth and network effects.

Team score: High


Even though there are a lot of players on the market of gift cards already, and a lot of companies like FLOGmall who try to bring cryptocurrency to the economy, Zeex has a decisive edge on them. This company has a brilliant yet simple idea and just the right connections to make it a success.

Competitors score: High

Overall thoughts:

Zeex enters a highly profitable market, meeting demands of customers and cryptocurrency holders. The team is professional and has valuable connections. This project is a very wise investment choice.

Website: zeex.me
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

Overall Score


4.2 / 5

Risk score




ICO start date: 01.04.2018
ICO end date: 31.07.2018
Soft cap: 14,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD


Ticker: ZIX
Token price in ETH: 0.0002


ICO Platform: No
Registration Country: Israel