World Wi-Fi

World Wi-Fi
ICO date: 18.04.2018 - 18.05.2018

World Wi-Fi is a decentralized free Wi-Fi network that works on blockchain. It brings together internet users, network owners and advertisers to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

How it works:

World Wi-Fi offers router owners to provide free access to the internet and earn cryptocurrency for doing that. Router owners can download the company’s software to join the system. Users watch a short ad video upon connection. Router owners get rewarded by advertisers for every ad view.

Advertisers also get precise targeting tools and the potential for micro-moment marketing, offering ads exactly in the time and place a person needs to see it. Available advertising formats are banners, videos and retargeting. Advertisers will be able to target users based on their location, gender, age, place of residence, education, profession, interests and so on. Since the company operates on blockchain, all information is anonymized and encoded.


World Wi-Fi is one of the few projects that aim for such a global goal. What’s more important, this project offers more user data protection and possibilities for monetisation that its rivals. They even got mentioned in Inc Russia.

Innovation score: High

Token value:

WeToken’s value depends on the amount of transactions on the platform. The company’s chart shows the beginning of token’s rise in price in the end of May. Since the project is very promising, an influx of users is expected, so WT token is a good investment.

Token value score: Medium

White paper:

The project’s white paper talks about many important topics and supports its narration by pie charts and infographics.

It explains main concepts and the functioning of the platform in great detail. It also shows a market analysis and the company’s solution for the problems the market faces. The white paper shows technical details, the platform’s architecture and legal conditions as well.

White paper score: High


Today World Wi-Fi only has a prototype. Alpha testing will be completed in April 2018. However, the team has already developed two Wi-Fi projects that bring in revenue from advertisement on hotspots in public places. The soft cap is already met.

In June 2018, beta testing will be completed and the team will launch World Wi-Fi platform. In the same time, the company will develop software for most popular routers and start marketing campaigns.

The campaigns will be held in Eastern and Central Europe, if the project reaches the soft cap. If the ICO gathers $8 mio, the campaign will include all of Europe and Western Asia. It will include all of Asia, given $15 mio are gathered, and will be held in Americas too, if the hard cap is met.

By December 2019 the company hopes to reach 400 mio ad impressions per day and 1 bln by the end of 2021.

Roadmap score: High

Business model:

The business model World Wi-Fi operates in is similar to those of AirBnb and Uber. It does not buy Wi-Fi routers, but brings together people who are willing to exchange free internet for an ad view.

The team has already developed two successful projects, Adrenta and Radius Wi-Fi, that specialise in Wi-Fi advertising in public places. The companies have over 100 franchise partners and cover 80 cities.

The platform’s main revenue stream is 5% fee off of advertiser’s payment to the router owner. Considering the amount of ad views the platform is expected to see, this will bring a lot of profit.

Business model score: High


World Wi-Fi’s team already has two successful projects behind their backs. This means they are productive and already know each other for many years.

The project’s CEO is an expert in the IT integration sphere, digital economy and blockchain technology. The project’s COO has previously held a position of General Director at WorldTelecom. Their PR lead has been a growth strategist for 11 years and has worked on 3 continents. The company’s big data lead has developed solutions for Nokia and Mitel.

The advisory board features one of the first developers of 802.11 Wi-Fi protocol, a CCO of Virgin Connect and an award winning trader among many others.

Team score: High


The industry of world Wi-Fi is not very crowded, but the players who want to enter this market are serious competition. Among the few who dare to come up with this idea are Elon Musk, and Google. However, World Wi-Fi’s business idea is way simpler to implement, as Musk and Google want to introduce global Wi-Fi connection by using satellites.

A serious competitor is a startup called Veniam. It is already funded and launched, and uses cars to spread Wi-Fi across the city. It only operates in a couple of cities now, though.

Competitors score: Low

Overall thoughts:

World Wi-Fi enters a virtually empty market with a great idea that distinguishes it from the few competitors it has. The team and the business model are great too, the soft cap is already met.

WeToken is wise investment choice.

Whitepaper: Whitepaper

Overall Score


4.7 / 5

Risk score




ICO start date: 18.04.2018
ICO end date: 18.05.2018
Soft cap: 3,500,000 USD
Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD


Ticker: WT
Token price in USD: 0.108


ICO Platform: No
Registration Country: Singapore, Russia