Market space

Market space
ICO date: 16.04.2018 - 27.05.2018
Description: is a decentralized marketplace for data storage, data transmission and content distribution.

How it works: offers a marketplace to trade data storage. It also allows for data transfer and content distribution. Users get all this with no commissions too, as the team wants to make it as accessible as possible.

Since it runs on blockchain, is very safe, ensuring no personal data is leaked, ever. Data upload is completely anonymous and the blocks of data are encrypted at all stages and are transmitted using a chain of proxies.

The storage capacities are provided by private persons and professional hosting servers. The rating system ensures the choice of a right contractor for each user. can also be used to distribute content. This means less control from the centralized content platforms like YouTube and more opportunities for content monetization for the creators.


Top security for your personal data for a low payment, and the platform doesn’t even charge a commission. The ability to transfer your data safely and the possibility of using this platform as a content distribution site free from centralized control.

We call that innovative.

Innovation score: High

Token value:

Nothing out of the ordinary here. MASP is an in-platform currency, used to pay for services on it. The increase of the user base will drive the demand for it, causing the rise in price. Pretty standard, but taking into account the possible popularity of this platform, MASP can bring a lot of profit to the investors.

Token value score: Medium

White paper:

The white paper presents an in-depth market analysis with possible points of entry, talks about the marketplace features in great detail, and explains token economy. It also shows a competitive analysis. It doesn’t provide a business plan, but that is not a drawback since the team has no intent to monetize the project.

White paper score: High


There are more than four months of work done on the project, but there’s still a lot to do. The company will expand the team in the second quarter of 2018, and will have technical and legal issues solved by the end of the year, launching the basic version of software in the first quarter of 2019.

The final launch is scheduled on the third quarter of 2019, after a period of debugging. Further plans include promotion and expansion of the platform and launching mobile applications.

Roadmap score: Medium

Business model: doesn’t really have a business model. The ICO funds cover the team’s pay for the period necessary for development, and a part of tokens are allocated to the team. The company has no plans to monetize the platform anytime soon.

This means more users will be drawn to it because of the lack of fees, and the team has a vested interest in the token’s rise in price.

Business model score: High

Team:’s CEO has over ten years of experience in the data storage market. Their senior blockchain developer had been a freelance  Ethereum Blockchain developer. The PR lead has more than ten years of experience in her field too, and holds many awards. Other members of the team presented on the official site make a positive impression as well.

The highlights of the advisory board include a business leader who has experience in  UK, Israel and Russia, a PR advisor for the Asian market and an owner of FINMA Individual License, who has over 30 years of experience in investments.

Team score: High


In the competitive analysis names OneDrive, Google, Dropbox and Apple among their biggest competitors. These are your typical cloud storage services, though. has an edge on them because of the security it provides.

Blockchain based storage systems are a bit more complicated to compete with. But accepts tokens of its biggest direct competitors, Sia and Storj during their ICO, offering investors of these two startups to invest in them too. The other thing that give an advantage over its competitors is the possibility of content distribution.

Competitors score: Medium

Overall thoughts: has a great team and a great potential. It might very well become the Dropbox-meets-YouTube thing. With developer’s only source of additional revenue being their tokens, you can be sure they will do everything they can to ensure MASP’s rise in price. This is a great investment.

Whitepaper: Whitepaper

Overall Score


4.3 / 5

Risk score




ICO start date: 16.04.2018
ICO end date: 27.05.2018
Soft cap: 15,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD


Ticker: MASP
Token price in USD: 0.35


ICO Platform: No
Registration Country: Estonia