ICO date: 01.06.2018 - 31.07.2018
Industry: Real estate

INTRO is an ecosystem for real estate market players worldwide. Pre-ICO is almost sold out already.

How it works:

INTRO provides a set of tools for all parties involved in real estate market. This involves a unified register of all objects under construction, auctions of real estate objects directly from the builder with discounts of up to 30% and transparent analytical data. Investments in real property are made via smart contract, so risk of being ripped off by a builder is reduced significantly.

State authorities can use the platform to control legal compliance and prevent housing bubbles, developers get transparent market research and a place to communicate with homebuyers, brokers get access to investment evaluation and private auctions and mass media get access to data for real estate journalism.

The ecosystem includes several components. ITR token holders receive a significant discount on subscription to all of them.

INTRO Analytica is a Business Intelligence for off-plan development market. It provides market analysis and suggestions for developers and investors. As of today, it has a functioning MVP and is used by Russian government and developers.

INTRO Sale is an online property auction that runs on blockchain. The offers are exclusive and the discounts are high, as the overall amount of properties from a project that are up for bidding usually does not exceed 5% so that the developer doesn’t lose money on the project.

INTRO REstate is an online list of off-plan projects at developers’ prices. Investors and homebuyers can browse through a complete registry of objects under construction and close deals using a smart contract. Homebuyers can apply for a mortgage.

INTRO COINvest is a social app for homebuyers. The goal is to let owners of property in the same building to meet their neighbours and cooperate on maintenance matters.


INTRO brings all parties of real estate market together and provides them with tools necessary for more effective interaction. This solution will significantly enhance clients’ possibilities on the market.

Innovation score: High

Token value:

ITR is a utility token for the platform. All instruments are available in discount, if paid in ITR. This means the volume of transactions will rise significantly, if the platform gains enough customers. If this happens, ITR value will go up.

Token value score: Medium

White paper:

The white paper presented by INTRO shows how the system works and the technology behind it, its use cases and tariff plans. It also outlines the company’s business model, gives an overview of potential markets and compares INTRO Analytica with its competitors.

White paper score: High


Development started in 2016, and in October 2017 INTRO Analytica gained its first users. INTRO Sale was launched in January 2018, COINvest will be done in July 2018, and INTRO Restate in September.

Roadmap score: Medium

Business model:

Business model of INTRO is providing access to the trading tools for a fee that ranges from 12 USD to 2,000 USD a month. The system also charges a 3% transaction fee on deals between participants of the platform. It is reduced to 1% for the token holders.

Business model score: High


The founder served in Russian local government and government affiliated companies. CEO has 13 years of experience in business analytics and online sales. CTO has over 15 years of experience in IT and has worked for Yandex and Rambler. Head of Marketing has over nine years of experience in his field.

The advisory board is big and well staffed. General advisor has over 20 years of experience of managing IT and R&D sales. He and blockchain advisor are both icobench experts who rate among top 10. INTRO also has advisors on international marketing, South East Asia and BRIC markets, development, engineering, marketing, investment and finance.

Team score: High


There are quite a lot of tools for real estate market analytics and INTRO provides comparison with some of them in the white paper. Most lack scalability and complexity that INTRO has.

Competitors score: High

Overall thoughts:

INTRO is a project with an idea that create value for the whole market. It has a great team too. If executed well, this platform can become global and ITR will bring a lot of profit to investors.

Whitepaper: Whitepaper

Overall Score


3.9 / 5

Risk score




Pre-ICO start date: 01.05.2018
Pre-ICO end date: 31.05.2018


ICO start date: 01.06.2018
ICO end date: 31.07.2018
Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD


Ticker: ITR
Token price in USD: 0.40
Token distribution:

30% 1/05/2018 – 31/05/2018

15% 1/06/2018 – 14/06/2018

10% 15/06/2018 – 30/06/2018

5% 1/07/2018 – 14/07/2018


ICO Platform: No
Country Limitations: China, Vietnam
Registration Country: Russia