ICO date: 01.06.2018 - 01.10.2018
Industry: Investment, Mining

Helios allows ICO participants to invest in autonomous mining clusters and receive 100% of their revenue. The project has no soft cap as all funds raised will be invested in mining clusters.

How it works:

Helios mining system works on electricity from solar panels and accumulators, involving complex calculations to minimize the amount of electricity needed for mining. It uses immersion cooling to minimize heat and make the cluster more durable. The main selling point, however, is algorithms that analyse current crypto market situation and change the currency a cluster is mining to ensure that the profit it brings is optimal.

Solar Mining Clusters are modular, scalable, autonomous, do not require but minimal maintenance and can be reconfigured to keep up with technological progress. This makes it a great choice for installing in locations with exposure to sun rays that would allow maximum efficiency of solar panels.

Since clusters work on solar energy, they can be installed anywhere in the world and work as a part of a global network. As a matter of fact, Helios plans to donate a mining cluster to an underdeveloped region, like an African village, each three months as a part of mission to help the world’s poor.

A financial model based on the company’s reinvestment strategy under current market conditions estimates 161% annual revenue.


Helios creates an autonomous mining cluster that can effectively turn solar energy into crypto. Not only can this bring sustainable profit for small investors, but also serve as a humanitarian solution for poor countries, taking people out of poverty.

Innovation score: High

Token value:

HLC tokens make holders entitled to the revenue produced by mining activities. 75% of the revenue is paid weekly, 25% is reinvested to increase further payments.

With estimated 161% profitability and constant reinvestment, HLC is a smart long term investment choice.

Token value score: High

White paper:

Helios has a set of other documents except white paper. It provides documentation on financial model of the company, technical specifications of Solar Mining Cluster, token information and legal notice.

The white paper itself explains the concept in great detail, comments on market structure and what is needed to seize existing opportunities for profit, as well as describes its business model and gives financial estimates.

White paper score: High


As of today, Helios has a working MVP. The team has installed the first cluster in May 2018 and began mining. They plan to increase the amount of clusters in June and order better solar panels in September. In November technical improvements will be made to increase power output of the system. In December the company will start distributing clusters worldwide. iOS and Android apps will be available starting from January 2019

Roadmap score: High

Business model:

All revenue from mining activities associated with funds invested during ICO belongs to token holders. Operation costs like land lease and maintenance are paid from the revenue before distribution among token holders. The company gains profit from leasing their software and hardware to third party investment funds. Part of that revenue is reinvested.

Business model score: High


The company’s CEO has over 15 years of experience and has been occupying positions in top management for the last 8 years. CFO and co-founder is a mining enthusiast with business education. Business development director has held positions as advisory board member and business development director in several companies. He left a very promising ICO World WiFi to work on this project.

The company’s advisor is an IT expert with deep knowledge of data centers, systems architecture, management and cyber security.

Team score: High


While Helios competes with investment apps like Coinseed (/coinseed), they do not constitute direct competition. Helios is rather autonomous and relies more on B2B partners and leasing mining solutions than on huge influx of users.

Competitors score: High

Overall thoughts:

Helios has an effective technical solution that brings token holders a steady growing profit regardless of the number of clients of the company. It is a smart investment choice.

Website: helioss.io
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

Overall Score


4.6 / 5

Risk score




Pre-ICO start date: 01.05.2018
Pre-ICO end date: 01.06.2018


ICO start date: 01.06.2018
ICO end date: 01.10.2018
Hard cap: 2,300,000 EUR


Ticker: HLC
Token price in ETH: 0.001
Bonus Program:

20% 01/05/2018 – 08/06/2018

15% 09/06/2018 – 16/06/2018

10% 17/06/2018 – 01/10/2018


ICO Platform: No
Country Limitations: USA
Registration Country: Cyprus