Gron Digital

Gron Digital
ICO date: 27.02.2018 - 24.04.2018

Gron Digital is a blockchain driven gambling and betting platform that is secure, transparent, auditable and provably fair. It is an ecosystem that includes service providers, bookmakers, casino operators, affiliates, regulators and players.

How it works:

Players can control their funds with Gron Wallet. The platform ensures the payout of winnings by smart contracts. The wallet can be used with multiple betting and gambling content providers and protects your personal data.

The platform simplifies KYC/FICA process using blockchain technology. No multiple verification is needed if a player uses different content providers. Users should only submit their data once and then open access to it upon request of a casino or other operator.

Gron Digitals monitors players’ activity using AI without compromising their private details. This means operators can effectively counteract fraudulent behaviour.


While blockchain based gambling platforms are not a novelty, Gron has something to bring to the game. Apart from using AI and machine learning to counteract illicit activities, it introduces their own solution for increasing the number of transactions.

Innovation score: Medium

Token value:

GRO token does not act as a share and does not entitle its owners to a part of company’s income.

The company expects it to rise in price as it is a native currency to the platform and all transactions will be made using GRO. As the platform grows its users base, the price of GRO token is predicted to rise significantly during the first six months of operation.

Token value score: Medium

White paper:

Even though somewhat unorthodox, it is presented as a page on the official site, not as pdf file,  Gron’s white paper shows rather good quality.

It talks at length about the concept of the platform and its benefits for different parties that will be involved in its functioning. It also comments briefly on the technology that makes it possible, presents a business plan and a competitive analysis.

White paper score: High


Gron has a 5 year head start in the industry. They have started out in 2012, going from an MVP to a complete product. The team has a set of licensed prototypes, and bringing the blockchain into them is yet another step towards growing their share on the market.

The company was fully licensed in most gaming industry fields since 2014. It has had sports betting and lotto prototypes as early as 2016. The soft cap of the ICO was successfully met.

In the second quarter of 2018 they plan on implementing the existing programs on the Gron platform that is fueled by GRO and create an MVP for mobile app. In the third quarter the team will introduce MVPs of apps for games of skill and lottery. In the fourth quarter we’ll see more than 20 video slot games, 4 video pokers and other popular games on the platform.

Roadmap score: High

Business model:

Gron Digital taps into  a huge market. The potential for revenue is vast, but so is the competition.

The platform presents the following revenue streams.  Network wide services, improvements of the protocol, modules and tools for dapps, subscription to the AI and the database, loyalty and affiliate programme.

Business model score: High


The team that runs Gron Digital consists of the best. Their CEO is a gaming industry veteran with 22 years of experience. Their COO has been in business management for over 20 years and founded an IT company staffed with over 200 developers. Company’s CTO has an astonishing 32-year technical experience.

The head of business development successfully launched YesPlay, a company that operates betting shops in South Africa. Head of marketing started out in the gaming industry as early as 1991. The other members of the team mentioned on the site have great portfolios as well.

Gron’s advisory board is as impressive as the project’s team. Among many others they have the Executive Director of International Centre for Gaming Regulation, a man who has been consulting online and offline casinos for over 30 years and people with experience in executive financial management, investment banking, and advisory services.

Team score: High


The competition in the gambling industry is immense. The competition in the blockchain based gambling is increasing. There are dozens of startups that operate on the same basic premise that Gron does.

However, there are some key advantages of this project. Gron Digital is fully licensed as a manufacturer and service provider. The team has tons of knowledge and real-world experience in the field, some members of the team having more than 30 years in their portfolio.

The team has the infrastructure and the expertise to execute the project, as well as certified products on their hands. It is fair to say that they are prepared to face the competition.

Competitors score: High

Overall thoughts:

Gron Digital brings some innovation to the gaming industry, but mostly they just follow the money. The market they are entering is huge and full of competition. However, this company’s team has enough expertise to win a slice in this pie. Investing in GRO is worth a gamble.

Website: Site
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

Overall Score


4 / 5

Risk score




ICO start date: 27.02.2018
ICO end date: 24.04.2018
Soft cap: 1,100,000 USD
Hard cap size: 8,500,000 USD


Ticker: GRO
Token price in ETH: 0.0001
Bonus Program:

30% 03/15/18 – 03/28/18

 20% 03/29/18 – 04/11/18

 10% 04/12/18 – 04/25/18


ICO Platform: No
Registration Country: South Africa