ICO date: 12.04.2018 - 12.05.2018

FLOGmall is an online marketplace that accepts all altcoins and offers users access to thousands of goods from all around the world.

How it works:

FLOGmall is an aggregator that offers a range of benefits for all parties involved. Customers can use their altcoins to pay for products and services from all around the world. Thus, FLOGmall can become the solution for dead or nearly dead altcoins, that thousands of people possess.

Customers also profit from safe purchases via a smart contract, a transparent rating and reputation system and a range of UX features that make it easier to find the best deal.

Retailers get access to a global community of customers and intricate marketing tools. The platform offers a range of IT-solutions like a personal site, video presentation and blogger outreach tools, as well as many other things. ICO investors get discounts of up to 80% for the company’s advertisement services.


The team has developed a super fast web server, that operates 10 times faster than the standard Golang library. The project is also pretty innovative with their idea of letting people trade with their unsuccessful altcoins. But the marketplace itself is pretty basic.

Innovation score: Medium

Token value:

MLC tokens are an in-platform currency, in which all payments are made. With the grows of volume of transactions, the demand for it grows, and so does its price.

There’s one more important thing about the token. It’s the ATES (automatic token exchange system) that allows token holders to make profit out of their investment really fast. As the platform is fully launched, token holders can sell their tokens directly, without cryptocurrency exchange, and at more favorable rates.

Token value score: Medium

White paper:

The project’s white paper is of acceptable quality. It presents key concepts of the platform and explains them thoroughly, gives market analysis, and describes the platform’s business model. It also provides rationalization of the benefits of investing in MLC token.

White paper score: Medium


FLOGmall now has a working alpha version and their pre-ICO was successful.

The team will launch beta version in April 2018, the official FLOGmall launch being scheduled on June of the same year. It is in June that the company plans to start attracting new customers and to have the first sales on the platform. FLOGmall will introduce mobile apps in July and start expanding the project’s geography in August.

The rest of 2018 is dedicated to marketing campaigns in different countries.

Roadmap score: Medium

Business model:

The platform has free registration and no transaction fee. Their revenue streams are charging for expanding the amount of positions one can list, for advertising services and a small commission for using safe purchase service.

This is a very profitable business model, that doesn’t scare off most users. Taking into account the rich market FLOGmall enters, it is a very promising company.

Business model score: High


The project’s CEO co-owns a cargo company in China. PR lead also co-owns a couple of business. FLOGmall’s CMO authored 7 books on internet marketing and is a co-founder of a Russia based online store Topzakazz. Actually, many people from the team has worked on this project, so they know each other pretty well.

The highlights of advisory board include a  Silicon Valley veteran, who has four patents pending, a man who worked as a Marketplace Operator Lead at Ebay and Project manager at Dell, and an experienced ICO advisor with 27 years of experience in investment and risk management.

Team score: High


Online marketplace industry is full of giants like Ebay and Alibaba, as well as smaller e-shops. FLOGmall has a great team with previous experience of developing a successful aggregator and some great ideas behind the project. With the right marketing they could take a share of the market.

Competitors score: High

Overall thoughts:

FLOGmall is up against tough competition, but they have a lot to put into the game. If they do not fail in the marketing strategy, they can achieve something. Considering the benefits of ATES that allows for a ROI of up to 300% before MTC enters the exchanges, this token is an investment worth risking for.

Website: flogmall.com
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

Overall Score


3.5 / 5

Risk score




ICO start date: 12.04.2018
ICO end date: 12.05.2018
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 18,000,000 USD


Ticker: MLC
Token price in ETH: 0,0005
Bonus Program:

20-25% 04/12/2018 – 04/19/2018

15-20% 04/19/2018 – 04/29/2018

5-10% 04/29/2018 – 05/07/2018


ICO Platform: No
Registration Country: Estonia