ICO date: 01.06.2018 - 31.07.2018
Industry: Investment App

B21 is an investment app that makes it easy to build your cryptocurrency portfolio and manage your personal wealth goals.

How it works:

B21 is an investment platform that aims to become the Acorn of cryptocurrency market. It is a simple, goal based platform that would make investing in crypto easy and available for everyone. The company has applied for Distributed Ledger License in Gibraltar and is negotiating to obtain a European e-money license. The company plans to make their transactional data, assets and liabilities transparent to gain more trust from the users.

The basic functioning of the platform is fairly simple. A user sets up an investment goal, decides on the initial investment, sets up monthly investment volumes and the coins he wants to invest in. At first only BTC, BCH ETH, LTC and EOS will be present on the platform, but the list is going to grow. Users can monitor their portfolio to see their goals and returns. They can change the goal or portfolio anytime, or decide to withdraw their funds before the goal is reached.

The app will have a machine learning driven advisory module that would make suggestions on what assets to invest in and how much to invest to meet the set goal. It bases its assumptions on risk profile of the user and data fed to the algorithm by B21 analysts. The pool of tokens available for investment will be constantly expanded by cryptocurrencies handpicked by the analyst team. The community can vote for currencies they want the analysts to take a closer look at.


The idea the company operates on is simple and effective. It is one of the few apps that bring micro investment in the world of crypto. However, its rival, Coinseed has slightly more features on their platform.

Innovation score: High

Token value:

B21 is a utility token of the platform. Users will pay platform fees and receive referral rewards in B21. This ensures that the tokens are constantly bought and sold, which drives up their price. As the app gathers a big enough user base, ICO investors can sell their tokens with a profit.

Token value score: Medium

White paper:

The white paper presents a brief market overview, talks about market opportunities and existing problems. It goes on to describe the platform and its core features. The white paper also mentions user journey, using a flowchart, and presents the company’s revenue model.

White paper score: High


The founders have already raised $1 mio for gathering the team and initial expenses. So far, the company was busy with obtaining licenses and preparing the ICO. They have launched the alpha version of the app in March 2018.

In the second quarter of 2018 B21 is going to apply for a bank license and release Android app with limited features. In the next quarter it will release the beta version of both Android and iOS apps, enhancing their features. By the end of the year the company should support all cryptocurrencies they claimed to, support multiple investment goal, obtain the license and start expanding from the EU.

In 2019 users will see more crypto in the token pool, more payment methods available and micro investment feature implemented.

Roadmap score: High

Business model:

The revenue model B21 uptakes is taking account management and foreign exchange fees. A substantial part of the marketing campaign is incentivizing users through a referral program, a strategy that worked for many successful companies like Dropbox.

Business model score: High


One of the founders is an entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in mobile and finance. He developed the first debit cards linked to crypto. He did that with another founder, who has over 15 years of experience in fintech and worked for First American and PayPal. CEO has spent 15 years in investment banking. Chief software architect has been in the software industry since 1990 and has developed projects for Microsoft and Qualcomm. Investment manager has over 20 years of experience in finance and investment.

The advisory board features a chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and the Chief Crypto-economic Consultant of Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, who is also a strategic consultant in Asian market. Other highlights include one of the top 12 lawyers in blockchain and crypto field, an angel investor and a consumer marketing strategy advisor with 30 years of experience.

Team score: High


Micro investment is a growing industry, and few big corporations were formed so far. B21 beats its competitors like Robinhood, Coinbase and Betterment, as it introduces crypto and makes it simple to invest in. Its only direct competitor is Coinseed. It does have a slightly better idea behind it, but B21 has better team and the industry overall is not that crowded not to get a share anyways.

Competitors score: High

Overall thoughts:

Even though B21 is not on the top of the pack in the industry, it is definitely one of the first. It has a powerful team and a simple and effective idea for the app. It is easy to conceive that B21 token rises in price.

Website: b21.io
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

Overall Score


4.3 / 5

Risk score




Pre-ICO start date: 01.06.2018
Pre-ICO end date: 31.07.2018


ICO start date: 01.06.2018
ICO end date: 31.07.2018
Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 29,000,000 USD


Ticker: B21
Token price in USD: 0.16
Bonus Program:

16% 01/06/2018 – 31/07/2018


ICO Platform: No
Country Limitations: USA, China
Registration Country: Gibraltar