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Railz is a blockchain based protocol for machine to machine negotiation. The goal of this project is to give IoT ...


Exenium is a cryptocurrency exchange run by a chat-bot for the most popular messengers, Telegram, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and Discord.


Sapien is a blockchain based social news platform that is driven by user rewards for content creators, with a high ...

GraphGrail AI

GraphGrail AI is an AI platform for blockchain built on natural language understanding technology.

Welltrado ICO Review

Welltrado is a platform that combines P2P investment platforms in one, allowing for more than a million investment possibilities for ...

Papusha Rocket Technology

Papusha Rocket Technology is a startup in fuel production industry, lead by Russian experts in rocket science. It’s product allows ...


Kasko2go is a car collision insurance solution based on the use of smartphones. It can lower premiums up to 50%.


CVproof is a startup that wants to be a new job standard, offering validation and notarization by blockchain to reduce ...


Creditcoin is an ICO of the Flatlay marketplace, a blockchain based network that connects content creators with brands to interact ...


Tokpie is a peer-to-peer fiat and cryprtocurrency swap exchange. It guarantees best prices and zero commission fees for small traders.


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The ICO list we provided for you, consists of carefully selected ICO projects that we grant to be safe for your investment. We constantly follow the latest news in the industry to provide you with the leading insights according to which ongoing ICOs are predicted to show a rise in the market cap and which are likely to be a scam.

A typical ICO campaign would last about a month, so you need to be fast with your money transactions however taking decisions in a hurry may not be the wisest thing to do. Our calendar that lists ongoing and upcoming ICOs helps you to research everything you need to know about a particular project in advance.

All the expert opinion, reviews and estimates influence our rating so that you can enhance your investment opportunities and tread the safest path as well.

What is ICO

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Initial Public Coin Offering (IPCO) is a presale of a cryptocurrency, typically for Bitcoin or Ethereum. The pre-created coins are called tokens and are in many ways similar to shares of a company. ICO campaigns are used to crowdfund new cryptocurrencies.

Used to develop crypto projects and platforms, ICO tokens can become the shares and securities of the new era.

How ICO works

Amagine kickstarter. The creators of a crypto project present their whitepaper and put together a detailed plan of what problems and needs the project deals with, how much funds do they need to raise, how the payments can be done, and the duration of the campaign.

During the ICO campaign, the backers can purchase tokens for BTC, ETH, fiat money, or any type of currency the creators are willing to accept. Note that most ICOs usually require an ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet. If the funds collected do not reach the desired goal, the project is called back and the money is returned.

The goal of investors, however, is to help the project to collect enough funds for its successful development and potentially to raise the tokens’ price compared to their initial investment.

Legal status

Most nation states have not established a way of regulating ICOs yet, which has both risks and benefits for investors. While it is unclear how exactly the one can challenge any ICO related cases in court. The lack of legal regulation gives us an easy, paperless way to make investments without the burden of going through all the layers of bureaucracy. For the creators it is a perfect option to save their time by not participating in a lengthy and tiresome process of fundraising required by the banks and venture capitalists.

However, some countries seem to be catching up with this trend, in September 2017 People’s Republic of China banned ICOs under the pretext of hurting the economy in some way.

Why should I invest in ICO?

Because it’s trendy and everybody’s doing it. Doesn’t cut it? Well here’s why.

Previously, Ethereum token was equal 0.0005 Bitcoin. Today it’s worth 0.05 BTC. A 10,000 percent profit. Augur token (REP) was equal 0,005 BTC. Today it’s worth 0,007 BTC. In case you are confused with the past BTC rates that’s a dramatic rise from $1.5 to $70 in a span of two years.

A typical gain in value for an ICO success can be safely assumed to be between 100 and 500 percent.


Unfortunately, this trendy and profitable business attracts fraudsters too. There is an actual risk that a small crypto project attracts investors with great promises, gets the funding and simply does not deliver any profit. The founders disappear and the investors are left without a hefty sum.

A typical ICO fraud is operated from a fake account, makes unrealistic promises and has no real whitepaper with technical details, but rather shows a suspicious jargon-filled document aimed to make an ordinary entrepreneur believe in it.

It is not a big deal for big players or people who know this market inside out but for a newcomer who wants to make ICO a part of his investment profile, this might become a serious trouble.

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Browse through listings to find all the information on the project that the creators provide as well as reviews, opinion of the experts and assessments of the best ones to trust.
ICOLadder provides you with the opportunities to minimize your risks and to maximize your profits. Keeping that in mind, here are our top picks for this year so far.